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Fleet Management

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The solution to support your development
With a Fleet Management contract, you will be able to concentrate on your main activity while we will take care of your fleet.
Car fleet management is an advanced solution designed to assist companies owning car fleets by means of simplifying the information chain and reducing it to the smallest number of employees possible. Car fleet management aims at relieving customers of responsibilities and taking the entire efficient management of their car fleets upon ourselves.
Full Service Fleet Management is defined as a particular form of financing which can be considered similar to rental, so that you might be able to use the new car together with a package of benefits adapted to your specific requirements, without the need to actually purchase it. At the end of the agreement you only have to return the vehicle, the depreciation risk being entirely supported by NSS Lease

How does it work?
The principle behind Full Service Fleet Management is very simple.
The principle behind Full Service Fleet Management is very simple:
- You outsource the financing and management of your vehicle fleet to a specialized service provider,
- Your rental partner handles the financing of the vehicles' utilization and offers you a full range of flexible services (maintenance, tyre replacement, fuel, etc.).

Full Service Fleet Management contracts are drawn up according to your specific requirements: contract terms between 12 and 48 months and mileage between 10,000 and 200,000km for a fixed monthly payment.
You keep it simple and you remain in control.

NSS Lease will help you:
- Manage your fleet and coordinate each stage from the order and delivery to the return of the vehicles;
- Streamline the overall cost of your fleet by having: a better forecast of all the costs related to your fleet and a complete control of the company cash flow, because you have monthly fixed fees